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Velocity Clinical Research, Albuquerque

Velocity's research site in Albuquerque was founded in 2017 as the fourth site of MedPharmics and acquired by Velocity in 2022. Since its inception, the site has conducted trials in Infectious Diseases and Women’s Health, including over 15 vaccine trials. Our Albuquerque site played an integral role during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, conducting COVID-19 trials for both children and adults.

Located just off the Pan American Freeway in an independent medical office building on Lead Avenue, the site is easily accessible. Additionally, half of the clinic staff is bilingual and can comfortably accommodate Spanish speaking patients. All trials conducted at the site are performed in accordance with ICH and FDA guidelines, and in compliance with GCP. The Albuquerque team is committed to being a resource for study volunteers, to providing the highest quality of patient care with compassion and kindness and to advancing medicine through research.

Velocity Clinical Research, Albuquerque
3901 Carlisle Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87107

Phone: (505) 243-1627


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About Velocity Clinical Research

100,000+ people have a joined a study at Velocity

Many people enjoy the study experience and have joined several clinical trials at Velocity.

Velocity has decades of research experience

With sites that were established as long ago as 1986, Velocity has experts who have supported clinical trials for decades.

Velocity studies are led by healthcare professionals

All clinical trials conducted at Velocity are overseen by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Our experienced research team in Albuquerque

Every clinical trial is overseen by a Principal Investigator – a physician who is responsible for the rights, safety and welfare of the study participants. All physicians at Velocity are board certified in their specialty area(s) and all research staff is trained in clinical research regulations, including GCP and HIPAA. Our clinical research team in Albuquerque is dedicated to conducting quality research in a professional and caring environment.

  • Sara Friedman, MD

    Principal Investigator
    Sara Friedman, MD attended Brandeis University where she earned her undergraduate degree in Biology. Following her stint in Massachusetts, Dr. Friedman spent time working in clinical research as a research assistant before attending the University of New Mexico School of Medicine. She then completed her OBGYN residency at the University of California, Davis in 2009 before returning to Albuquerque to work in a private practice. Dr. Friedman spent time with three groups until 2020, when she returned to clinical research in a full-time role as a principal investigator. Through her efforts in clinical research, Dr. Friedman hopes to make an impact by bringing new treatments and technologies to the Albuquerque community and more.

  • Quito Osuna Carr, MD

    Sub Investigator
    Quito Osuna Carr, MD joined the clinical trial industry as a principal investigator in 2018. With his 50 years of experience as a physician, he has provided invaluable insight in trials in various therapeutic areas. Although semi-retired, he continues to help the Velocity Albuquerque site in an investigator role. He began his career in various clinics across California before returning to New Mexico. While in New Mexico, Dr. Carr ran his practice for 18 years and worked as an emergency physician for 17 years. Dr. Carr earned his medical degree from Stanford School of Medicine after receiving his undergraduate degree from University of New Mexico. Additionally, Dr. Carr completed his HEW fellowship of tropical medicine in Brazil, Uganda, and Sri Lanka.

  • Vanessa Gamboa

    Site Director
    Vanessa Gamboa has been involved in clinical research since 2012 when she worked as a lead patient care coordinator and eventually became a clinical research coordinator. She then transitioned to work with MedPharmics (now Velocity Clinical Research) in 2018 as an administrative assistant before assuming the roles of clinical research coordinator and later, site manager. While still under MedPharmics, Vanessa also acted as the IBC representative for the Albuquerque site. Now with Velocity, Vanessa supports her team in a myriad of ways as the Site Director. Vanessa draws upon her own experiences to help teach and lead her team to conduct top notch clinical trials. Vanessa speaks Spanish fluently which allows her to support an even larger portion of the Albuquerque community.

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