Robert Jeanfreau, MD

Medical Director, Principal Investigator
Robert Jeanfreau, MD founded MedPharmics (now Velocity Clinical Research) in 2012 with his wife, Andrea Jeanfreau, MHA, BSN, RN. With Dr. Jeanfreau as medical director, and Andrea as CEO, they opened eight research sites in five states over a 10-year period. Throughout Dr. Jeanfreau’s time with Velocity, he has served as the principal investigator for more than 120 trials to date. His keen eye for detail and expansive knowledge has given him the opportunity to write questions for the Principal Investigator certification exam through ACRP. As a voracious reader and an avid learner, he has imparted his knowledge to the many people he has led over the years. Before he practiced medicine, Dr. Jeanfreau received his undergraduate degree from Loyola University in New Orleans and Louisiana State University School of Medicine for medical school. He completed his internship and residency at University Medical Center in Lafayette. He and his brother, Dr. Wallace Jeanfreau, ran their private practice, Jeanfreau & Jeanfreau, for 32 years. In 1992, Dr. Robert Jeanfreau briefly left the practice while he served in the Gulf War as a physician. Dr. Robert Jeanfreau, or Dr. J to many, is a highly respected physician in New Orleans. Dr. J always took the time to carefully listen to the concerns and ailments of those he treated; a skill that has further served him while overseeing clinical trials.

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